Extra Education App

Hello guys, Recently I had writing some extra knowledge and explanation in the android application about programming skill for every developers. I already publish them in the google play store, hope you guys like it. Kindly rate it 5 stars if you think those app are useful to all developers in the world. Thanks for the supports 🙂


1. Programming Concepts


A basic programming concepts to all developer beginners.

This tutorial introduces basic programming concept such as program structure, variable declaration, conditional and looping constructs, and the code/compile/run style of programming. This tutorial is intended for use as an introduction to these concepts for students who have no prior programming experience.

2. Learn NoSQL for Beginners


A brief explaination about NoSQL for all beginners.

As the popularity of data virtualization continues to rise, companies are increasingly relying on data storage and retrieval mechanisms like NoSQL to extract tangible value out of the voluminous amounts of data available today.

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