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Android is one of the best open source Linux-based operating system for the tablets and mobile device.  Currently, it is a most famous mobile operating system developed by Google used by billions of the users. Android release in September 2008 which have around 8 years history until today. Besides. there have other popular mobile operating system which are IOS and Windows Phone Operating System that currently use in the marketplace to compete with the Android. To learn basic android app development, you should install a software which is android studio IDE in your computer. Java is the main programming language to develop android mobile application by using Android SDK. Moreover, you can also integrate C and C++ programming language in your android mobile application to enhance security and some hardware feature in your device. In this section will give most of the best android tutorial that you ever seen to help you understand the basic and advance concepts of android app development. It is not very hard if you are passion on develop android application. After you become expert, you can create your own android application and use it in the real world.

Android Deep Link URL to App Activity Tutorial

Android provide deep links open a specific activity within an app with data to it. Deep link is very useful...


Android Text to Speech Tutorial

Android allows you convert your text into voice. Therefore, Android providing a feature/class to translate text to speech called (TTS)...